The fertilizer microdosing technique was developed by the International Crops Research Institute for the Tropics and Semi-arid Regions (ICRISAT), in partnership with national research institutes in the Sahel, to resolve the productivity constraints of dryland cereals, in this case millet and sorghum crops. This study aims to identify the determinants of millet and sorghum productivity with the application of fertilizer microdosing technique by producers. Agronomic surveys were conducted to collect data from 108 agricultural producers in the Sahelian and Sudano-Sahelian regions of Mali. Descriptive statistics and analytical methods were used to analyze the data using STATA software. Results showed that fertilizer microdosing, improved varieties, organic manure, soil and water conservation techniques, disk seeders and the use of fertilizer subsidies by producers are positive and significant variables for millet and sorghum yields.

Keywords: Fertilizer microdosing, yield, determinants, millet and sorghum.