Black weevil (Cosmopolites sordidus Germar) development on bananas and plantains (Musa sp.) was assessed on four cultivars named: Libanga likale (AAB), Litete (AAB), Lokusu (AAB) and Yangambi Km5 (AAA). Rearing black weevil with Litete cultivar has shown better insect growth larvae expressed from most of parameters such as larvae number (31), adults emergency frequency (26.6), larvae's mortality rate (14.1%) and post-larvae development cycle (30 to 34 days) compared to Yangambi (9.3 larvae). Therefore, black weevil showed good response on plantains cultivars. Sex ratio (male: female) was either for among plantains cultivars but highly influenced from Yangambi Km5 with 1.8:1. Yangambi Km5 antibiosis showed high larvae mortality rate of 63.67%, weak emergency rate (28) and long post-larvae development of 50 days. This shows that the cultivar 'Litete' was the most susceptible to weevils.

Keys words: banana, Musa cultivars, weevils, emergency, development cycle