The helianthinin is a major stock protein of the Sunflower seed. The polypeptides composition of helianthinin is heterogeneous and corresponded to the family gene heterogeneity. The SDS electrophoresis gel polyacrylamide analyses of total fractions of proteins extracted from 24 of Sunflower genotypes provided from INRA of Montpellier have revealed a variable helianthinin polypeptide. The electrophoretic analysis revealed specific polypeptide of wild genotypes, hybrids, normal and high oleic acid breeding line. These results show six variables polypeptides of helianthinin with molecular weight of PM 43,8 kD, 43, 5 kD, 43,3 kD, 27, 2 kD, 26,4 kD et 24,6 kD. The HOC genotype has three polypeptides of 43,8 kD, 43,3 kD and 24,6 kD and corresponds to the hybrid H. Argophyllus x H. Annus. The Vniimk population Russe and the Armavir population with normal oleic acid have a similar helianthinin electrophoretic profile.