The aim of studying fluvial dynamics is to determine the morphogenic role of El Abid river, and the morphology of its alluvial plain and the spatio-temporal mobility of its stream. Bed dynamics in the Middle High Atlas occur in bank erosion, meander intersections, and channel delineation. At the edge of El Abid catchment, this dynamic takes different aspects and intensities. It depends mainly on the geomorphological characteristics of mountainous areas and its surroundings, as well as the hydrodynamic conditions of El Abid River. In order to quantify these phenomena and following their evolution in time and space, we proceeded the detailed field observations. This field work aims to extract several information about the river. The main objective is to take a rigorous mapping of the entire of El Abid river from upstream to the Bin El Ouidane dam. It also allows us to have an important result on the hydrodynamic functioning of this river. The results obtained by this approach allowed us to evaluate the importance of the evolution of fluvial morphologies in El Abid river.

Keywords: El Abid river- Mapping- River morphology