Bovine tuberculosis (BTB) is a major endemic zoonosis in Morocco, Northern Africa. Bovine paratuberculosis (PTB) has an unknown epidemiological status in Morocco. We aimed to investigate TB/PTB co-infection in 6 dairy cattle farms (A to F) and to generate information on the possible PTB host status in this region. Mycobacterium bovis was isolated in 25 of 225 dairy cows. Isolates yielded 7 spoligotypes: SB 0120, SB 0121, SB 0125, SB 0265, SB 0869, SB 1167 and SB 1265. Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis (Map) was isolated in 9 of 51 dairy cows. Thus TB/PTB co-infection was diagnosed in 3 dairy cattle herds (A, B and E). Furthermore, in herd E, intra-individual TB/PTB co-infection was diagnosed in three cows. Our results confirm TB/PTB co-infection in Moroccan dairy cattle. However, our information was limited to only 225 dairy cows in the northern third of Morocco. Thus, further researchs are needed to assess the dairy cattle status in the whole country.

Key words: Bovine, tuberculosis, paratuberculosis, Morocco