The study was conducted in Kisangani town of DR Congo between January and March 2018, with objective of determing the poultry current status in order to contribute in developing this activity.150 poultry farmers having a total of 2271 chicken were interviewed. This activity in done 56% by women. Local chiken represent 86% of total poultry followed by duck (7%). Free keeping farming was done, 27% of interviewed have built unadapt houses for keeping their animals. Animal feeding was not applied by 86, 6% of farmers. Animal health care was kept which caused a high mortality rate. Diseases remain the main animal mortality causes for 66, 6% of farmers. Rooster price was 13000CDF (8$ US); while hen price was 9000 CDF (5.6$ US). Diseases, thief, lack of follow up frame and predatory were main poultry activity constraint. For sustainable development of this value chain, farmers requested for training, healt care services addressing those diseases and funding sources.

Key words: family poultry, traditional, diseases, Kisangani, DR Congo