The concept of landscape is largely unknown in Morocco and often reduced to a planting practice once urban development projects are almost finished. This understanding that minimizes the place of landscape in the living environment has contributed to producing urban landscapes with quality differing from one area to another, in the same city. Hay Mohammadi is a relatively recent urban development of the city of Agadir covering ??465 ha. The creation of a new neighborhood of this size would normally provide an opportunity for carefully chosen planning options to avoid the mistakes of the past and provide future residents with a context where they should feel at home. The evaluation of the urban landscape that resulted from this development operation would make it possible to assess the living environment and the extent to which inhabitants are satisfied and happy to live there. For this purpose, a survey was conducted among residents of Hay Mohammadi to assess their perception of the landscape of their neighborhood. This survey, conducted online with more than 300 people, shows that despite the constraints of everyday life, users have a critical look at their environment and the landscape that has been produced for them.

Keywords: Urban landscape, Agadir, Hay Mohammadi, urban development, perception by inhabitants, survey.