The study on the effect of soil fertility and the supply of mineral and organic fertilizers on the success of argan seedlings transplantation in the natural environment was conducted by the INRA Agadir team in the Souss-Massa region. Three sites were chosen: Taksbit (Massa), Anzad (Ait Baha) and Tinzert (Taroudant). For the evaluation of soil fertility status of the three sites, soil analyzes were carried for each site. Overall, results showed that the sampled soils have very limited mineral fertility. Indeed, they have contents of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, exchangeable potassium and trace elements that were below normal values. Similarly, soils of the different sites have an alkaline pH and in the presence of vegetation with an undeveloped root system, nutrient assimilation would become more difficult. In this sense, two trials in Taksbit and Tinzert sites were conducted on the effect of application of organic (local manure) and mineral fertilizers on argan seedlings transplantation. These field trials have shown that application of mineral (N, P, K) and organic fertilizers improved the transplantation of young argan plants by promoting their survival and growth in height and diameter. In the medium term, manure and biocompost improved soil fertility.

Keywords: Argan tree, soil fertility, transplants, organic and minerals fertilizers.