Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technology revolution in the building industry where it has proven itself throughout the life cycle of a building. This reality has led in recent years to an extension of this concept to the Civil Engineering sector for infrastructure projects by deploying scientific research within universities or organized in international groups. The common goal is to facilitate the exchange of data and collaboration around these projects. In this context, our research focuses specifically on road projects and aims to propose a conceptual model for structuring a 3D BIM for this type of infrastructure. This conceptual model is based on the standards applicable in Morocco in addition to recommendations of BuildingSmart in terms of IFC standard. This article provides an exhaustive literature review on the recent advances on integrating BIM in the infrastructure sector. Then, a case study in Morocco is discussed to highlight the requirements and technical constraints that should be taken into consideration for the implementation of 3D BIM in roads infrastructure projects.

Key Words: Building Information Modeling, Road projects, Infrastructures