The wild cherry (Prunus avium) is a species very appreciated in cabinet making or as root stock for the cherry tree plantations in the Tunisian northwest. Prunus avium is endangered due to its excessive use by local population. It thus seemed necessary to study the process of the natural regeneration by seed of this species. The obtained results showed that the highest rates of regeneration in small plots were observed at medium altitude (400-600 m), with low slope, exposed northward and in loamy soils. This study allowed us to conclude on the importance of the role played by the environment parameters and other climatic factors such as the minimal and maximal temperature in the natural regeneration of this species in our study zone. To be able to conserve and develop Tunisian wild cherries, we recommend using other techniques of multiplication such as cuttings of root segments.

Key words: Wild cherry, Tunisia, parameters of the medium, multiplication by sowing