A study on the spatio-temporal characterization of the amount released by public discharges was realized in the city of Kisangani, DR Congo. The method of collection of data used is the system of room’s closed and static respirométriques that consisted in trapping chemically with the help of the lime soda, the fluxes of C02 cleared by the different public discharges and absorbed by this one. At the end of the investigating on the land and the analysis of data, the following results are gotten than the middle flux of free C02 through the different public discharges from the month of November 2015 until the month of March 2016 is of 14.65±8.13 g C/jr/m2. The month of March cleared a middle flux importing C02 is 24.73±9.4 g C/jr/m2 with an elevated ponderal humidity, either 22.7±5.2% and a weak temperature is 27.2±4.5°C and the month of February cleared a weak middle flux of C02 is 5.78±0.54 g C/jr/m2       with a weak ponderal humidity, either 11.47±1.2% and a temperature of soil raised, either 31.84±3.13°C that all others month. The relation between the fluxes of C02 cleared by the public discharges and their ponderal humidity is strong (R=0.77) and this last explains this clearing of C02 meaningfully (p?0.05). On the other hand, the one of temperature is weak (R=0.31) and it doesn’t explain this clearing of C02 meaningfully (p>0.05).

Key Words: Flux of C02, breathing of soil and public discharges