This work examines the effect of the frequency of plowing with the three-disc plow on ferralitic soil and the development of cotton plants. Addressing this problem, a number of plowings varying from 0 to 15 were carried out on plots of 400 m² organized into 7 treatments according to number of plowings (P0, P1, P2, P4, P8, P12, P15) and arranged randomly in three replications. The germination rate was assessed by counting the number of plants present per plot over the number of seeds planted. The cotton yield was obtained by weighing harvests per plot. The results show that the best germination rates were obtained with P1 (94%) and P2 (80%), P0 (68%), P4 (62%) and the lowest ones with the P8 (48%), P12 (39%), P15 (36%). The number of capsules per plot at 4 months increased from 2121 (P0) to 2198 (P2) and gradually decreases to 1243 (P15). The cotton yield of the first harvest at 6 months followed the same trend, going from 125 kg / ha (P0) to 161 kg / ha (P2) and decreasing to P15 (44 kg / ha).

Keywords: Plow, Gossypium hirsutum, emergence, capsules, yield