The main objective of this study was to obtain a digital soil map by exploiting information from satellite image classification systems and geological databases and environmental variables that express soil-landscape relationships. This study was carried out on an area extending from 273 to 134.6 ha located between the plain of Tafrata and the buttonhole of Debdou in the Centro-oriental zone of Morocco. A soil survey was conducted in the study area, including the Debdou and Lamkam forest management study, in which this study adopted a stratified sampling based on a total of 210 profiles (0.50 mx 0.50 m deep to the bedrock); takes into account the relationship with the map units identified with the environmental variables; elevation, slope, geology and geomorphological surfaces, a classification supervised by GIS has been implemented. The final map provided us with a fundamental basis for seeing the indicators of desertification attached to soil quality according to the criteria of the quantification methodology of desertification MEDALUS. (Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use). The result obtained is a thematic map with classes and semi-detailed information of the soil of the region.

Keywords: Soil map, Soil survey, GIS, Desertification, Tafrata plain, Debdou, Morocco Centro-oriental