This study was carried out in the Adamawa region (Cameroon) with the main objective to evaluate the metabolic profile of zebu cows, cystic or in anovular anestrus and subsequently to propose a tool for diagnosing the risks of these pathologies. Thus, 53 zebu cows (20 cystic and 33 in anovular anestrus) were chosen and the blood obtained was centrifuged (3000 g, 10 min, 4°C) to obtain the serum. Serum concentrations of glucose, total cholesterol, albumin, total proteins, urea, calcium and phosphorus were quantified by spectrophotometry at a wavelength ranging from 340 to 630 nm based on the parameter tested. The metabolic profile of cows in anovular anestrus was characterized by low serum levels of glucose (< 2.6 mmol / L), total cholesterol (< 2.3 mmol / L), urea (< 3.8 mmol / L), calcium (< 2.2 mmol / L) and phosphorus (< 1.05 mmol / L); high serum levels of total proteins (> 80 g / L) and total globulins (> 45.5 g / L); and normal albumin (27.7-40.4 g / L) with an average Body Condition Score (BCS) of 3. The metabolic profile of cystic cows differed from that of anovular anestrus only by normal total cholesterol level between 2.3 and 6 mmol/L and high urea (> 6.5 mmol /L). These findings could be used for the diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies.

Keywords: Zebu, metabolic profile, ovarian cysts, anovular anestrus, Ngaoundere, Cameroon.