An exessive use of fertilizers and pesticides harms the environment and especially water resources and humans health through food. As part of the surface water monitoring’s in morocco, we have conducted a survey on 100 farmers in El Gara, Berrechid Province (Casablanca-Settat Region). The results revealed the irrational use of pesticides and fertilizers. The use of them by all the farmers interviewed was evident. 75% of the interviewees do not know how to use these products. Pesticides are used, once a year and randomly, by 44% of farmers, and they are poured by 70% with the use of a Jeep or a tractor, while 3% has been handled by wearing  on special clothes, and 27% do so with bare hands. The use of the fertilizers by the farmers was done once a year, in varying proportions, and was based only on their own experience. Thus, the Ammonitrate 33.5% N was used by 98% at an average of 130.88 Kg / ha, the NPK 10-30-10 was used by 95% at an average of 175 Kg / ha, the ammonium sulphate 21 % N was used by 66% at an average of 121.88Kg / ha and finally the Urea 46% N was used by 46% at an average of 67.87Kg / ha. Indeed, these practices are not sustainable in the long term because they must break the balance of ecosystems by causing damages to the environment and therefore to human health and sustainable agriculture.

Keywords: Fertilizer, pesticides, environment; ,farmers, survey